Unifashion Magazine !

Posted on: January 8, 2012

Talk about task, talk about boredom, right? ahaha. But for this one, I do really enjoy and so much fun. Yaa, it’s a task from English II lecture, called Mini Magazine. Me and my friends make a magazine which is talk about fashion. The models? yeay it’s US ! hihi . Check this out !

The Cover

The Crew


Me, as a Business Director 

We have almost 60 pages about articles and many more. And here is one of articles that we made by me 😉

Say hi to @innarachmasetia and @VinoKupritz

Well, thank you very much you guys for all. Hopefully, this task can be something that helping us in the future , somehow I do excited to be a model hihi. 😀


2 Responses to "Unifashion Magazine !"

artikel nya bermanfaat bangat, jangan lupa terus update ya. thanks friend.

hihi terima kasih yaaa 🙂

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