Breakthrough 2011

Posted on: January 2, 2011

Like what I said before that we have long time to see December, but it goes so fast..
so, good bye 2010.. 🙂
Every single years must be has it own memories with same categories, and especially for 2010, Allah shown to me how to be a strong woman , more than ever.. and absolutely, it’s all maturing me to face you, 2011.

This new year, with my 20 years old.. I have some resolution, the new and the delayed one,hehe..

  1. Learn to be a WOMAN, not a girl anymore.
  2. Being seriously and having brighter achievement for my study.
  3. Get driver’s license (SIM C and SIM A) and also passport  😀
  4. Having practically job at TV station or radio station.
  5. Having great vacation,especially to Bromo,Yogyakarta,  Bali and Karimun Jawa,
  6. Having a lovely trip to Umang Island or Vietnam with my beloved family.

Actually, I have more than just 6 about the resolution..but yaa this is it, The Top 6 ! May Allah give me a chance to get it all in the right time,amien Ya Rabbal alamiiin.. 🙂


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